VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: What Do You Need?

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VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: What Do You Need?

Web hosting is an ever-evolving field with a vast scope for change and innovation. From shared hosting to dedicated server hosting, everything has its own unique attributes that make it good in different aspects. So, let us learn VPS hosting vs. dedicated hosting, which one is better for you?

There are various specifications you might have for the hosting service you want for your website, like the best domain and hosting providers, a reliable server for Linux VPS hosting, or a dedicated server. However, most people need help to choose between VPS vs. dedicated hosting services due to the lack of knowledge and awareness in the field.

Let us dig deeper into the VPS vs. Dedicated server debate and find the answers.

Difference Between VPS And Dedicated Server

●     Definitions

Virtual private server hosting, or VPS hosting, is a type of web hosting service that provides a virtual server for your website. The physical server creates a number of virtual servers that are allotted exclusively to many single websites separately.

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service that offers an entire physical server for one single website. You receive all the necessary features for running a website and more resources than ever with the help of a dedicated server. You do not have to share the server or the resources with any other website.

●     Performance And Reliability

Performance and reliability in VPS depend upon alignment between the traffic and the availability of the resources.

Since there is an independent physical server completely concentrated on your website, there is no disturbance whatsoever. Most of the dedicated servers offer 99.9{7d0efcbf48308f9f0d62a54983a59836319892e8e13260d7c86e980b21f358e8} uptime, and this is a commonly seen number in the industry.

●     Security

VPS allows great security and integration of safety tools, too. However, since the server is divided and shared by various websites, if one website gets hacked, others face risks, too.

Dedicated server hosting offers the highest degree of security due to the exclusivity of servers and resources. With root access and cPanel access, you get full control of all the integrated security tools and software.

●     Services

VPS hosting provides you with two options, namely managed and unmanaged hosting. If you do not have any expertise in web management or technical aspects of web hosting, purchasing the managed VPS service is advised. But if you do, you can opt for unmanaged services.

Dedicated hosting also provides the above-mentioned services!

●     Scaling

VPS hosting allows you to scale according to the increasing traffic. You will have to keep upgrading your existing plan in order to manage your incoming traffic, storage, and bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting provides you with a lot of storage and bandwidth and can adapt to large traffic in its own capacity without needing to upgrade. When it comes to the scalability aspect, dedicated hosting always wins.

●     Cost Structure

The features and the concept of VPS can be placed between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, and so is its cost structure. It is more expensive than shared hosting, but it costs less than dedicated hosting.

A dedicated server is costlier than VPS hosting.


VPS vs. Dedicated hosting differs in various aspects. Moreover, there are other factors that influence your decision to pick your web hosting type, like tech support, allocation of resources, control, provisions for migration, etc. However, choose the best web hosting  based on your requirements

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