Web Design for Product Landing Pages

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Web Design for Product Landing Pages

In the world of website design, there is much that varies and much that needs to stay the same. There are certain design tips – such as an uncluttered layout, pages that load quickly, and a simple structure – that apply to all websites.

Then there are those things that are more specific to the brand of the company and the products they sell. An online company selling delivered organic produce and the website of a law firm naturally might have a few design elements that differ. It is all about learning when to follow the rules and when you need to stand out.

A good example of this phenomenon is the product pages of ecommerce websites. Naturally, these need to present the products well, which is something that can vary depending on the products. Certainly, product photography is something that varies; some products you want to show, others you would rather see in use.

In the world of website design originality counts for a lot, but we can certainly identify some rudiments for product pages. These are the design elements that are best included, and the best practices that should be applied.

What is a Product Landing Page?

The product of a product landing page can be one of several kinds. It could be a sample of one product the company sells, it could be a page showing multiple products, or it could be a page designed to show off one flagship product the company is well known for.

Peak Design, an attorney website design and general we design company out of Sacramen to have observed that for many smaller ecommerce companies, this latter option is very common. One single product is created, and a whole website is based around it, presenting it in an attractive way and associating the very brand identity with the quality of the product.

These distinctions are the first thing to keep in mind when designing such a page. Although remember that the actual design choices will depend very much on what the product is and the creative choices you make to stand out.

A Few Examples

So, in lieu of actual design suggestions, the best way to advise on product landing pages is to consider a few examples of product pages that are commonly seen. Remember though that brand originality in design goes a long way.

Simply…the Product

Here, photography goes a very long way. If a product landing page simply shows the product in high definition against an appropriate background and with the brand clearly visible, it gives a sense of luxury and represents the closest you can get to actually holding the product in your hands. When you can see every space in the grill on a set of headphones, for example, you start imagining the pristine sound quality.


A video is great for products that do something practical. A good example would be a power drill. An HD video showing the drill in use, which plays automatically, will drive home this idea. Remember however to have sound either absent or by default toggled off. A sudden burst sound could have the visitor immediately clicking away if they are in an inappropriate setting.

Multiple Products

This is best for brands that want to show off their diversity of products. The impression to give is “wow, they have loads of different models!” Be careful not to go too far here, but the sense of multiplicity is your friend.

These examples all have one thing in common: they have the user drawn in the moment they land on the page. Not by the website or even the brand, but by the product itself.

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