Top Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Site

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Top Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Site

Regardless of what type of website you have, there are always twin goals that never change. You want to increase the number of visitors to your site, and you want to keep them there once they arrive.

The second of these tasks is all about having a great site. Keeping visitors on your website is all about great content, great web design, and a user-friendly interface that makes your site easy to use and navigate. Drawing new visitors to your website – the only way for it to grow – is more about what you do elsewhere on the internet.

So much is obvious, but how so you actually go about it can be a little more complicated. Web designer and Sacramento SEO company Peak Design say that SEO cannot be neglected, as it is how your site can be found by users through search engines.

However, there is more to it than that. Drawing traffic to your site is also about effective marketing and promotion elsewhere on the internet. If you can attract visitors who are searching for specific terms on Google, then that’s great. Nevertheless, you also need to attract those internet users who are not specifically searching for a site like yours.

This is not to say, however, that you should just spread marketing anywhere. It is also important to target the specific people who would be interested in your site. To take an oversimplified example, a fashion ecommerce site should market on fashion orientated Facebook groups or through fashion blogs. Making posts about a fashion site on a DIY Facebook group is unlikely to draw any new traffic.

The Funnel

So, it is about targeting the right people but doing so as widely as possible. We can think of this model as a type of funnel. It’s all about leads (internet users to who are directed towards your site or your social media pages). That’s the top of the funnel. After that it is all about drawing these visitors in closer and closer until you can convert them to customers, regular visitors, or subscribers, all done at the bottom of the funnel.

It is easy to see, then, how simply getting visitors to click onto your site isn’t really a success in drawing traffic if they immediately click away upon realizing that it isn’t for them or because it doesn’t interest them at all. This is also an especially important thing to keep in mind.

Traffic-Drawing Tips

Luckily, nobody is alone in facing this challenge – it is quite literally what all websites try to do – and, accordingly, there has been a few tips built up over the years which can be applied in all cases. Here are some of them:

Optimize SEO

This could mean either hiring a professional or learning about effective SEO yourself. Generally speaking, it goes a bit beyond simply stuffing every post with relevant keywords – you should also make sure they are the right ones. And that takes research.

Market on Social Media

Social media offers you a massive pool of potential traffic for free. You should seek out the specific social media users who would be interested in your products.

Lead Generation Marketing

As well as where, it also matters what you post. Effective marketing posts are those which engage the right people – and engage them properly. These posts should always include prominent links to your site.

There are many other ways to boost traffic, but it all begins with covering the basics and making sure that you are targeting as many people as possible – and that they are the right people.

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