Innovative Ideas for Ecommerce Video Marketing

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Innovative Ideas for Ecommerce Video Marketing

There was time when those ecommerce entrepreneurs who wanted to get ahead of the game would engage in video marketing. There are a lot of advantages to this which, back then, were just a sure way to pull ahead of the pack in marketing.

Sadly, those days are over. There is scarcely an ecommerce site today that has not got in on video marketing. Videos are ideal for online marketing because they can be spread far and wide, have the potential to go viral (the ultimate jackpot) and, with the advent of new technologies and specialized video marketing services, don’t necessarily require a lot of money or effort either.

However, this is not to say that video marketing cannot still give ecommerce brands the edge. We Make Videos, a company offering video production services, say that it has simply become a matter of being innovative. Or in other words, doing something with your marketing videos that nobody else is (yet).

And just like all forms of video marketing, ecommerce video marketing is as much a matter of where you post the videos as what videos you make. Certain videos are suited for specific social media platforms, certain videos are good for product marketing while others are good for service marketing, and so on. The discipline has become fairly complex but, on account of that, more effective too.

Getting the Edge

So, this is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind. Successful video marketing is about successful videos and successful marketing. Nevertheless, this is also something that is pretty well understood among ecommerce enterprises today, so the real way to get the edge is to think even further outside the box.

Of course, you cannot just wildly experiment; there are no advantages to trying something totally new only to discover that the reason nobody else is doing it is because it doesn’t work. Nevertheless, a degree of ingenuity is needed; the most successful ecommerce businesses have that firmly in mind.

Innovative Video Marketing Strategies

Of course, nobody can tell you how to think outside the box, but it is possible to give a few of the most cutting-edge video marketing strategies which are currently being used. Here then follow some strategies you can try:

Turn Your Product Photos into Movies

But very short ones! The idea here isn’t really to make a video, but to make a moving image. Of course, a video is just a moving image anyway, but the idea is that you show a very short video of the product in action precisely in the location where a still product image would normally be. This technique can also be incorporated into ads that you spread far and wide across the internet.

Involve Loyal Customers

If you have them! Having a loyal customer base means you are doing something right, and it also gives you the opportunity for some great video marketing. Videos that show not only testimonials about your products but even your customers using your products, cannot but make your company look great.

Educational Videos

This type of video marketing involves emphasizing the use of your product, and the idea that your product is the best tool for a particular purpose on the market. Educational videos that show viewers how to use your product not only show your product in action, but also give the impression that it is highly effective.

Ultimately, there are many ways to pull ahead of the pack in video marketing. That will take some lateral thinking but, at the very least, you can try out the above ideas and avoid falling behind.

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